Where did week one go?

Its been a mad week and a half since opening. Getting the kinks worked out is so important. The kitchen feels like it is humming along really well.

We start lunch next week which is exciting and also slightly nerve wracking at the same time. Nicole, Luke’s chef de cuisine is confident as is Luke so that is just going to have to be enough for me (as Luke would say).

We finally have all our systems down, restaurants these days have to run on very good systems, computer and service and the thing is, you can test them before you open but its not until the pressure of service that you see the weak (or bloody broken) links.

Little fun things like the money not getting sent to the bank when the computer said it was. Yes, we did fix that one within hours!!

What has been really nice is all the people from the neighbourhood dropping in to say , “glad you are open”, or “welcome”.

We really want to make sure we are a place people feel like the can drop into if they live close by. We are small enough to be like that I think. Thats why the communal table will always be for walk ins.

Anna and I are a little buggered (in our countries that is not a rude word so please don’t be offended) but we have just hired some more staff which will help a lot.

Most excitingly, Gerard is our new bar manager. He comes from Luke’s restaurant Glass in Sydney. He and his wife arrived on the weekend and he started work yesterday.

Gerard is an Aussie and comes from a wine family too, his wine knowledge is exceptional so he will be a huge help educating our staff and also answering any questions our guests might have.

All our new press is on the site, not the radio show we did yet,  I will post about that tomorrow. That was good fun, Cheers, Liz 

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