People always tell us that how much they would love to go down under but its too far. To set the record straight, it takes 13 hours to New Zealand or 14 hours to Australia from Los Angeles or San Francisco (less on the way back, something to do with head winds). Thats almost the same as going to London!

We both traveled on Air New Zealand recently and loved it. The food and wine were spectacular, and you get your own TV on demand (perfect if you fall asleep mid movie). If you happen to be lucky enough to be in business class, the chairs fold out into flat beds which is bloody beautiful. Air NZ flies to both countries through Auckland.

The best sites to find out most about what to do when you get there is the Tourism Australia and Tourism New Zealand websites, they often have great travel packages too.

We will add our favourite restaurants and wineries soon.

Go visit!

Liz + Anna