• Best 8 Free Tools For Freelance Writers

    At a first glance, you might think that for you to become a freelance writer, you only need a keyboard and word processor.

    While these can make the job done, serious writers are always out looking for a wide variety of tools to enhance their work.

    Since being a writer requires more than just writing, you need certain types of tools to make your work easier. Here are the best 8 free tools for freelance writers.


    1. Open office

    Open Office is an open source software suite for spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, presentations, databases among others.

    As a free alternative to Microsoft word, Open office has almost everything that you need for editing and writing. You, therefore, need it if you are a freelance writer.


    2. Write or Die 2

    As a free tool, Write or Die 2 forces you to write through reward and punishment. If you stop writing for few seconds, you can set it to present you with consequences such as alarming sounds, poor image or even delete your words.

    You just need to set it with the amount of words that you want to write. More so, since it automatically saves your work, you don’t have to stop writing to save what you’ve written.

    3. Evertone

    This is a note taking app for both mobile and web. However, it’s more than just that. It’s like a cabinet where you can store links, images, videos, and texts and checklists.

    With this tool, you can create notes, keep them in notebooks and put these notebooks in stacks. Once you have an idea of how it works, you can easily create your own organizational system and come up with techniques that can help you wok well.


    4. Toggl app

    If you are looking for the best time tracking app then you need to choose toggl. As a relatively simple app, it allows you to create a project and set up specific tasks.

    You will then use a timer to record the amount of time that you will spend on each task. This app creates a clean looking reports showing the amount of time that you’ve spend on the project


    5. Wunderlist

    This is perhaps the best list making app of choice. Having a cool interface, you can use this app to quickly come up with a list of things including what to do list, books to read, article title ideas among others. Whatever things you want to list, you will find this list quite handy.


    6. ZenWriter

    If you usually get destructed by other word processors, then you need ZenWriter. This app features a full screen, adjustable texts, and various sounds. Since it lacks most formatting options, this is great. If you combine this with other tools, then you will definitely become a great writer.


    7. Drop box

    This is a file sharing system that you can easily use to share photos, docs, and other documents. You can also use this system to ensure that your files are safely stored for future use.

    When transferring files and other photos that are tool large this tool comes in handy. You just need to drop them into the box and choose the ones that you want to share.

    8. Pocket

    If you want to be a great writer, you must be a great reader. Thankfully, there are many interesting thoughtful and informative articles online. Pocket is an online tool that allows you to save the articles and archive them later on.

    Since Pocket strips the articles of ads and any other junks thereby offering you a very pleasant reading experience. More so you can sync it across many devices.



    From pocket and ZenWriter to Drop box and Wunderlist, there are many tools and apps for freelance writers. Whether you are a professional writer or you are just starting out, then this tools are very essential to help you manage your business.