Simon’s table

Many people have asked us about the table in the middle of the room. It is a 16 foot long jarrah table and it is named after Anna’s friend Simon Woolley, owner of the fabulous Antipodes water brand from New Zealand (which we sell at South).

When we bought the restaurant back in April, it had an ugly half wall with a structural diagonal beam through it smack bang in the middle of the space.

Very bad feng shui or something, whatever it was it looked bloody terrible and ruined the flow. Anna and I were a bit at a loss of what to do with this wall, put a leaner bar on each side so people can stand there while waiting for the table perhaps?

Enter the creative Simon who was visiting from New Zealand. Simon has been in the restaurant biz for years and immediately saw that the wall was not structural (OK engineering is not our forte) and suggested knocking it down and building a communal table around the beam.

So we knocked the wall down and our artisan table makers found us some fabulous Australian jarrah , sourced from Western Australia where I am from, which they built around the beam.

They also found a way to make the whole  table floating, it has no legs at all which is pretty incredible considering how heavy jarrah is.

It had clamps on it for a week to stabilize it and now apparently you can stand on it and jump up and down it will hold (please don’t try after you’ve had a few too many).

People sit there for a quick drink or enjoy a full meal, we keep it open for walk ins.

And it is affectionately known as the Simon table in his honour. Thanks mate!

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